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Unlocking the Secrets of Hypnosis

The word, "Hypnosis" for most conjures up images of Svengali controlling one with a pendant or the movie--the Manchurian  Candidate or they remember a stage show where they saw a subject on stage quacking like a duck and not remembering anything after opening his/her eyes. All are images that leave one leery of hypnosis!

Even though the word, hypnosis, was not used at the time, Anton Mesmer in the 1700s is credited with the first use of hypnosis. Most of Mesmer's patients at that time in history suffered from "Hysteria." He would have them stand in a tub of water with metal rods. As they held onto the rods, he'd wave his wand resulting in the patients experiencing a cathartic reaction during which their "hysteria" was cured.

Even though, his technique revolves around the use of the wand and the theory of "animal magnetism," a few choice verbal suggestions along with an air of expectancy and mystique contributed to his results.


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